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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Petit'G Guy Group Build by HAW

Another successful group build! Yes! Had lots of fun today. I always like these meets as I get to mingle with the local lads and get to know them better. And sometimes, I find some "gems" as well! Folks with good potential :) 

Well, this round, the topic was Petit'G from Gundam Build Fighters. We have a  total of 19 entries. Best part, we have visitors from Malaysia! Raymond Loke from Infinite Creation Workshop, Becky Law aka as Becky Customizer, Sherman Lim aka Zero 1st and Renny - All from Pla-Zone Malaysia.

Door Gift 

This round, we made an effort to label the creator of each entry so we all know whose who. 

Number 4 happens to be my favourite. Why? Well, it's simple and really nice. Nicely done. 

Add a gatling gun and a radome with Gundam EZ-R parts and you get a cute and menacing bear! LOL. Well, it got something right? 



Obviously a crowd favourite and also the deserving winner overall. The "barks" are pla plates painstakingly applied to the bear strip by strip. And he got a SG50 Gundam for his effort!!!

Pla- Zone Malaysia's Mascot is here! Yes, I'm honored to have my Malaysia counterparts for the GB. And Becky got a little present for that ;) 

Non Bandai product detected, ban! Hahaha, just joking. This looks like a weird composition. But it really suits the theme. Full of fun and cuteness. I like it a lot. 

When you want cuteness, Pikachu never fails right? Well, he got a Doven Wolf for his effort. 

Iron Bear with jibanyan! Deadly combo! 

And yes, he got another Zaku II for his effort.

And another crowd favourite by Tan Joon Kiat. This fellow's workmanship and technical abilities always amazes me. Good work! And he got himself a RX-78-2 Gundm 3.0! 

Our last entry is also our number 3 winner! Hellbear by Winston Loh. And he got a Reborn Grade Mk-III.

Photo bomber detected! This kid is cute!

The Petit Bears are currently displayed at Hobby Art @ Work. 

Well, another Group Build done. Although I as hoping to see more entries, but I thought 19 entries is good enough. What's more? I got the support of Pla-Zone's members which is a great honor! I couldn't have asked for a better surprise! 

And how I wish i finish mine as well! Just too bad... 

Till the next one folks! 


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