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Monday, August 22, 2016

Dreaming the impossible dream

"I dare to dream."

This is by far my most ambitious project.  
Since Hobby Art Gallery (HAG) will be having her long awaited Tetsujin competition in 2017,  I thought this will be a good opportunity to show everyone the prowess of HAG's resident modeler!  Me!  
So I gave myself this ridiculous challenge.  
Six months... 
Six months to remodel and recreate the Deepstriker in my vision.  Six months to create a maintenance city (1m by 1m) as its base. 
And six months started a month ago! Lol.... Well, I guess there is no harm in attempting the unachievable. Hell, I'm not going down without a fight!
Preliminary concepts:-
1. To recreate the Deepstriker into an huge armored unit 
2. Design and create new armaments. 
3. Two support units will be attached to the main Striker. Zeta Plus or Delta Plus 
4. Brainstorming... Brainstorming... 
The clock is ticking....  I'm going to sleep early tonight to replenish my energy.  The impending storm , the anticipated excitement, the unrelenting pursuit for that elusive ultimate build.  
I live just for that. 


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