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Sunday, November 22, 2009

MG Gundam X

Crazy sia, now MG Gundam X also in January! Wow this is getting exciting. This really sets the tone for new Bandai releases next year. When can I get my MG Gundam Heavy Arms?


this is sure an exciting piece of news to hear. So now, we can no longer complain about Victory and X not getting MG treatment after both have been announced for MG release.

It would be really nice and better if we could see V2 and Double X announced during 2010.

It seems look like shopped to me.. Compare the pic with GN-X one...

Ill say Gundam X one is fake.. as u can see near GN-X Feet got signature.. and Gundam X one the line kinda like cutted off a bit..

Sorry for ruin the excitement here >_<;;;

Me at first supprise too.. but I see the price tag look same.. and compared it.. ^^;;

It's shopped indeed. Everything is exactly the same on those pictures except for MS name, which would mean they were posted on the same place on HJ page and cut out by person who scanned it exaclty the same way.

Gundam X scan is more blurry, though, so it's much more likely to be fake

yeah and in the X version they didnt totally remove the "ebi" mark in the bottom right corner. nice try tho.

Guys, guys! Damn are you people observant! OR am I too ignorant? lol.... But I sure hope this is true.

I don't even know this "rumour" until Jacques told me. But yea it definitely looks photoshopped from the GN-X. On the other hand, there's a rumour that Gundam X may be released on Robot Damashii in the future though.

Sorry for double post, but if you can read the text beneath the red healine you can see that the designer remains unchanged as Kanetake Ebikawa ^^;

Well thats a start. :| Now they need to release PG kits.

wow, after reading few comments, just wanna ask this again, hope it's real deal for Gundam X.

Well I am beginning to have mixed feelings about these so called "releases" I certainly hope at least one of them is true...

i hope this is the real news too.. but normally i will go through NK's blog coz his new is more reliable though.. and the source of the news are from some official site.. i hope this is true too.. but there is a significant different which the MG GN-X was using line art while the MG X gundam was using CG effect.. if this news is true the both picture should using the same illustration.. just my opinion..

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