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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


How many times when you finished constructing your model and about to prep for priming when you discovered a part missing? Well, now I know how it feels. This has never occurred to me. So you can imagine how stunned I was. Naturally, I started scouting my work-desk for that elusive part and when that yields nothing, I expanded the search radius to the surrounding area.

After an hour of searching, panic starts to set in. Now I think to myself, "Did I unwittingly swept that part into the dustbin?", "Did I dropped it somewhere else?" And of course I am clueless.

Today, I spent the whole afternoon ransacking my room for that part, every spot was scrutinized thoroughly. And at the end of it, I have nothing to show for my hard work (or waste of time). 

As at 11.20pm 10 August 2010, I am sitting at my desk staring at my unfinished "product". Now come the crucial period, "two days". "I will give it two days" and hope that it will miraculously pop out of nowhere. If not... I think I will decide the next course of action  later. Dilemmas of a modeler....  

Back to Gunpla..... Well, at least my room is clean now. 



Yay u finally posted and i noe how u feel, normally for me it is sitting rite in front of me or under my nose so good luck and show us the fruits of ur hard labour haha good luck for the part

Ya man, I agree that my updates are slow. Frankly saying, I wonder how the rest of the modelers manage their blog and still able to produce works on a regular basis. Phew....

No luck so far, fingers crossed.

oh no look in the places u looked before and those modelers are exeptions look at me building gunpla slowly and not enough time for blog so frankly u kinda beat me hahahaha gd luck.....

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