Thursday, March 22, 2012

MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee - First Look

I'm kinda tired of all the Unicorns and Sinanjus by now. But I just have to give this a try. The Unicorn FA was impressive but this one is really the icing on the cake. Perhaps it's the freaking awesome claws (Armed Armor) or the gold colour psycho frame, Banshee appeals to me more. 

Like the previous versions, construction will be more complex since it can transforms into two modes, Unicorn and Destroy. 

Unicorn Mode 

Yes, knees still bend up to 90 degrees. 

Destroy Mode 

 Some parts will tend to drop off during transformation. The connections between the torso and hips are especially weak. It came off several times when I try to pose it. 

I just have to try this. Took some parts from Unicorn FA and add them to Banshee. And you get Banshee FAAA! Full Arsenal + Armed Armor! This one already looks like a winner... 

Highly recommended if you like Gundam Unicorn. According to Wikipedia, Banshee is a feminine spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. How befitting. But just don't make it wail...


Hi, great first look, thanks! I've also just completed building the Banshee...and sadly I was quite disappointed by the instability of the arms and even the waist...they fell off quite easily even with slight movements and the waist connection was fiddly. Being the same frame as the MG Unicorn, I don't see why it is not as sturdy as the Unicorn. Did you encounter any problems with your build?

Ya, I encountered the same problems you mentioned. Well, guess we have to glue some parts together... :)

So, I assume this thing is still a nightmare with the shoulder pieces. Still, a great idea with the FAAA thing going on. I stayed away from this kit because I had enough fun building the FA Unicorn. I think the real redeeming quality of this suit (besides that claw and gold psycho frame) is that awesomely ridiculous head crest. Besides the Devil Gundam's waist, it's the largest Gundam head crest I can think of.

I gotta agree with you. The crest is what makes it unique. Which is why I started building Banshee right after FA. just trigger my will to make that FA Banshee =D

I've Built my Banshee, and as far as what I did, I didn't even experience anything like that. Please make sure you sanded down everything, clean out all the parts. Everything, the works. And By the way, are those Nub marks!?!?!? If it was, then your build is kinda dirty

Dear "Anonymous", it is very obvious from my post that this was a snap and show project. If I had painted it, you won't find a single nub on it.

I had some issues with ill fitting parts for mine. Such as the blades of the gun were not molded properly... had to trim some areas to get a proper fit.

The feet were a nightmare too. One side refused to fold in nicely for unicorn mode. The fitting was not even.

Hence mine is now in permanent destroy mode.

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