Thursday, March 8, 2012

Toymaker goes Japan!

Yes! Like what  the title says, I'm going to Japan tonight! My last trip there was 10 years ago. So I am pretty excited about it. 

Being a Gunpla hobbists, I am like returning to the motherland of Gundams. I will visit as many hobby stores as possible over the span of 8 days. Mission: to research what makes our Japanese counterparts tick? Looking at completed models on magazine help very little. But seeing them  up close and personal will put things in perspective! Hopefully, I will find the breakthrough that I have been seeking for a while now. 

Well, I am going to indulge myself with the local delicacies and gorged myself to death! And I am going to visit this! 

So expect to see lots of pics one week from now. Woohoo...!!!!!

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