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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nu Gundam Ver.Ka (MG)

Since I have some spare time to blog, I choose to talk about the one upcoming release that I am looking forward to. December will see the release of the much anticipated Master Grade Nu Gundam Ver.Ka. I like most of the designs from Hajime Katoki and will definitely get this one. I may even buy two! 

This one seems to have better proportion. The details are certainly more compared to the previous MG. There is also a custom stand that will come with this kit. 

Woah, the manipulators are very similar to the ones you find in the PG Strike. Just cut out and assemble. A huge improvement. 

Bandai is really making our life miserable. With such highly detailed models, who needs to do modifications these days? But if the future MG releases are going to be like this, I am NOT complaining LOL...  And I heard that Bandai has a surprise in store for us for this kit as well! Let's see what gimmick they have this time LOL... 

So there you have it, MG Nu Gundam Ver.Ka in December. And before I can even settle down, they tell me MG Tailgeese is next in line! Oh man.... 

Photos credits - Gundamguy / HobbySearch


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