Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Gunplanatic Group Build at Hobby Art @ Work

Another busy day but fulfilling day for me! I hereby declared Gunplanatics 2013 Mecha Buildgroup a success! These young lads from Gunplanatics had organised probably their first official GB and I must say the response is pretty good. While participants posted their entries online, we managed to arrange for their works to be displayed a Hobby Art @ Work for today. 

Some of the lucky draw prizes.

HAW mascot doing her usual rounds. And here are the entries...

It has been quite awhile the last time I seen a Deathpion. Looking good as ever. 

A neat and clean look Qan"t"

Base looks familiar don't you think? LOL..

A cute and yet disturbing Pikachu :p

Superb finishing on this Epyon. 

A very unique kitbash, 1/100 scale. 

The turnout.

Group photo 

Well, I think the lads had a great time. And with all those prizes and offers at HAW, I bet no one went home empty handed. 

After some thoughts, I already see some things I can improve in terms of logistics, presentation and planning of the GB. I already made a list of what improvements to make and hopefully I can have the chance to implement it next time. Even of it is a minor compeition of sorts, I am looking to make it transparent and "honest" (if you know what I meant). 

Lastly, I have to thank the committee at Gunplanatics especially Javan and Stanley, Waylander, Edmund of Hobby Mate and last but not least Joyce and Sam of HAG for making this event a success. 

March on brothers! 


There's a girl?!...woah what kit did she make?
The geara zulu looks good as ever even with weather damage.

Hope to see what you improve at the Zoid one. :D

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