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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Valrave I - First Look

So I watched the Valvrave episode 1. And find the plot utterly familiar to some robot anime ;) So it's nothing out of the ordinary for me (you should watch "Attack On Titan"). Anyway I thought Valvrave looks too overpowering in the debut episode. I guess it had to be. Well, I managed to get hold of this product and decided to give a quick review of it. 


Assembly is relatively easy. One thing that strikes me is how sturdy this kit feels after assembly. Not flimsy or   sports loose parts.You probably have to do some masking since it has some patterns on its armors. Another interesting feature is that it come with lots of clear effect parts. The wings, weapons, blades etc. The level of details on this one is also quite impressive considering the size (Its taller than your typical 144s). 

Pose wise, it is decent although I feel that Bandai can come up with something even better. Perhaps its the design of this mecha that hampers articulation.

The outrageous weapon (whatever you call it). Has a scythe, blades, pincers, shape ends etc etc... 

Size comparison with MG Tailgeese

Looks cool under UV lights though. 

Designs of Valrave. The yellow one looks damn cool man! 

And so where were we? 


Oho /wow/ it looks hot! Dem legs :D Plot of the actual anime leaves much to be desired imo (and yes! Attack on the Titan is mighty great) Awesome shots!

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