Monday, May 20, 2013

Zoids Group Build 2013

I have to admit. I am stunned by the strong turnout for the Zoids Group Build 2013 at Hobby Art @ Work. To be very frank, I expected many to fall out as the deadline approaches. But I was given a pleasant surprise by everyone! More than 15 Zoids were submitted! And the quality was pretty impressive as well.

There were a lot of people. Besides fellow modelers, I see folks bringing their children as well. The whole place was buzzing with activities. This is probably the best time for modelers to exchange and share tips, techniques and gossips! LOL... 

Some finger food and refreshments for the participants and guests.

Yeah, it was hot. Really warm in there due to the huge turnout.

Joyce of HAG scrutinizing the entries.

And most importantly, the hard work put in by our local lads and overseas friends. 

A mecha werewolf by Ng Chern Liang. Very interesting idea.

A weathered Buster Tortoise by Reginald. Now it looks like a tank to me.

Tomytech 1/144 Shield Liger conversion. The modeler added some parts and gave it a refreshing colour scheme. Very fine and detailed work.

A Full Weapon System Gun Sniper Leena by Edwin Lin. I call it the "Mighty Mouse".

Ha, here's one by Leon Ku. He is making a rare appearance for the GB and came up with a light hearted diorama. Kong's bananas stolen!

Another Gun Sniper by Jhay-ar Guansing. 

Now this is a very interesting Sabre Tiger by Reeve Tan. A Chinese painting style tiger! It certainly caught my attention!

Another Sabre Tiger conversion.

This kit is making a rare appearance. Konig Wolf by Jeong Fok. With no parts separation, you can imagine how much masking is required for the red coloured parts.

A Liger with flouro colours by Stanley. The vibrant colours are attractive but wait till you see it go under UV lights!

The largest at the event and probably the baddest of them all, King Gojulas. You can see more pics of this monster at Waylander's site.

Now, for the third prize winner, a no frills but exquisite Liger Zero by Francis Jordan. I cannot find any fault on this kit at all. Although the pose was a simple one, it gives me the impression/ suggestion of movement and  grace. Perfectly executed, Francis. 

Second goes to David aka Chocofalcon. An impressive face off between Geno Breaker and Shadow Fox. You can see that a lot of effort was put into both Zoids. The metallic red Geno Breaker stands out among the many entries. 

Champion goes to Simon Teo. A maintenance base can be monotonous and static if not done properly. But our friend here had whipped up a very nice work scene. Zoom in closely and you see crew members and even civilians! And I noticed the crane arms and container crane were scratch built. All these really bring this diorama to life. And as if it's note enough, he went on to add lights! Flood lights, wall lights and floor lights! Had to give it to this guy for being a fantastic electrician! LOL...

Well.... It has been a very exhausting day but right now, I'm beaming with pride. Why? Because I believe this Zoids Group Build is a big SUCCESS! And for that, I have to thank Kai Seng, Jeong Fok, Waylander and all the Group Build participants. And special thanks to Leon Ku (for making that rare appearance) and last but not least, everyone from HAG/HAW who made this possible. I bet everyone is gunning for the next one! Who knows, I might just make this a yearly event!  

On a final note, with GBWC 2013 on the horizon, let's take a break and prepare for this event. I will be really looking forward to it. 

Because I love to see how the ORGANIZERS fare this year...  

More coverage and views of the event here


All the entries look amazing! Wish I could have been there. Great job creating the event Toymaker!

Congrats!!! Sieg Zoids Galore!!! C u guys at next gb :0)

ARGHHH What a pity, i didnt know about this ! I would have joined and brought my zoids down to talk with fellow zoids fans.

Will there be another one in the near future ?

I missed the event too. Lots of cool customs.

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