Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Space Pod-Crab 03 by Keiko

The moment I see this, I know I have to buy it and in bulk too. Why? Because I'm a fan of maintenance bases and pods like these are hard to come by irregardless of their scales. So the moment it was up for sale, I grabbed a couple of boxes and went straight home to assemble it. 


Box size is slightly larger than your average HG box. In it there are two pods for you to assemble. I thought Keiko made a good move here by having both clear and normal versions. And i mean you can have both at the same time! 

Parts are not many as compared to your typical Master Grade. And since it's from Keiko, I was skeptic of the plastic quality. But to my pleasant surprise, the quality is really good! Parts fit with little issues. No warp details. Nothing at all! The assembly manual is easy to understand. Instructions is clear and it's in colour so there is no way you can go wrong. The details are precise and very sharp. 

Although it is Non-Scale, the size of the pilot is approximately 1/72/.

Good articulations. Comes with two main claws and two main claws beneath the pilot cabin and one more at the front of the cabin. However, the joints tend to pop out if you move them too much. Not really an issue though. 

The mini base is just so adorable...LOL... 

Size comparison 

My final verdict? Good stuff! A must buy! But it may not apply to all.

Keiko really delivered this round. I can see myself making maintenance bases and these space pods add to the realism. Although the scale may be different,  I can always redesign the pods to other vehicles or even kitbash them to mechas. The possibilities are endless! 

I am getting really excited about it. I'm planning to use one for my PG Strike so I pretty revved up now! :) 


holy crab! nice! does each box contain 1 or 2 crab units?

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