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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Zoids Group Build 2014

To be frank, I was afraid the response for this year's Zoids group build would be bad considering the lack of activity on the GB page. But the lads didn't disappoint me after all. I still manage to get 11 entries. And to my pleasant surprise, the quality is much better than last year's entries. A marked improvement for those who joined. 

Well, less talk, show more. I like the pictures do the talking.... 

Maximum effort by Melvin. Dibison Full Leds,  LOL... It is not easy to install so much LEDs I tell you. Just look at those turrets! Man, I gonna learn from him. He's the electrician..... 

Liger Zero Panzer. Very well executed kit. The painting is smooth and sharp. Rizal painted those little details on it and that makes a world of difference. Excellent work. Who says you can't win with an OOB build? 


Two entries by one person is no mean feat. Samuel did a great job here. Geno Breaker and the rare Blade Liger Mirage. You will never get tired of seeing these two. 

Hmmm, Psycho Geno Saurer by Jay. One of my favourite Zoids kits and he done it justice here. 

The only D-Style Zoids here, I hope to see more of them in the next Group Build. Nice pastel colours combined with a nice mechanical base. An instant hit. And did you see the metal details on this kitty? Wow! Nice work, Chun Da! 

Desert scheme Buster Tortoise by Tanlin. I heard it came with leds. Too bad it was damaged. 

Command Wolf by Kok Yi. The wolf is very well done. Attractive colours and clever kitbash with Gundam parts or more specifically, Gundam Exia. The diorama complements the wolf and both do not look out of place. One of my favorite entries.  

Blade Liger by Xing Qiang. Weathered and good pose. Could do better with a bigger base. 

Another interesting kitbash using Shadow Fox as base kit by Michael. I see Exia Dark Matter backpack and I heard that he used part of Tallgeese's whip for the head gear. Impressive and creative. 

Staying true to the original is Joon Kiat's aim and I say he did a good job here. Nice shading and superb paint job. Top notch. 

Mattathias came late and I'm glad I didn't end early. His was a mammoth. And pretty similar to ONE entry last year. But just a whole lot better. 6 Koto bases snapped into one. That's 45cm by 30cm diorama. A maintenance scene is always interesting to see and no doubt a crowd favourite! 


Alright, that's about it. Special thanks to Peter, boss of Let's Play for providing venue, food and his coordination. And Jeong Fok (Mechaman) and David (Chocofalcon) for helping out. And last but not least, a big thank you to all the participants! You guys rock! 

So my wish for the next GB; more entries, more new faces and better prizes! 

Till next time... 


From what i see, Rizal did mod the shield/radar thing on the panzer.

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