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Saturday, September 24, 2016

This hobby.... is it for you?

This is an interesting article. I don't really trust online researches these days but having a hobby does make one happier. And I'm not just referring to Gunpla. It could be anything you like to do. It just has to be something you enjoy doing and derive satisfaction from it. You don't even have to be good at it as long as you spend quality time.

Coming back to this hobby, yeah it's a lot of fun. I have been doing the same thing for over a decade now and I have never felt bored once. To me, picking up that pair of nippers was perhaps one of the best decisions I made in my life. It has been wonderful trip and I am still raring to go everyday.

Over the years, I made a lot of friends from different countries. Language was a barrier but Gunpla brings all of us together regardless of our backgrounds and cultures. Some eventually become my buddies.

But like any thing we do, there is always a flip side that we have to deal with. Why? Because we are still dealing with people after all. Online, we encounter all sorts of people. But the type I despise most are trolls. They do nothing but create trouble. They seek to disrupt your momentum and waste your time. They are not in this for the hobby, they just want to stir shit (to put it simply).

Best thing you can do, walk away. And work on Gunpla. Devote your time, effort and creative energies on making something awesome. Serve the community by inspiring and enriching them with your work, ethics and energy. My contribution may be insignificant. But if everyone chips in and do their part, you will be surprised how fast the community will grow and flourish.
NO. I am not in this for the likes, fame, glory or whatever you think it is. I'm in this simply because I enjoy what I am doing. I want people to enjoy this hobby just like me.
So ask yourself again, what are you doing with Gunpla today?


Hey TOy, long time man how u been?! very nice article, im in the process of getting back to Gunpla after a long off time :)

Hey man! Long time no hear! Glad to hear that you are coming back after such a long hiatus. :)

Thanks man, good to hear from you as always :D,btw don't know if you joining any Gunpla forums lately but The mecha Lounge is back in business. We could all use another great artist there :)

Simple but wonderful advice. I'm really glad I saw your entry!

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