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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Formania Sazabi (First Look)

I have being thinking of ways to improve the content of my blog and one way is by writing simple review. It will consists of some facts and of course my opinions.  I will try to keep it short and you guys do not need elaborate stories. So for my first official "review", I will write about MSN-04 Sazabi for the Formania series.

Manufactured by Tamashii Nations,  this new line of mecha displays are very detailed and the mechanisms are equally impressive. The die cast components add realism to the product too. I have no doubt this will appeal to both Gundam and Non-Gundam fans. 

In fact, I was skeptic when the announcement came and even griped about the pricing. However, I suspected that its may be something special or even a substitute for those resins. And it turned out that I am not disappointed at all. I am not interested in "painted" displays since I can do a decent paint job. But I am willing to overlook that part for this line. 

I bought this from HAG today and hurried home for this review. A limited edition acrylic base for your Sazabi is given with every purchase.

 Box cover (front) 
 Box cover (rear)

 Size comparison with a HG box 
 The contents are kept in a styrofoam box with its instruction manual placed on top.  

 Some simple instructions on fitting the parts. 
 Illustrations on the movable parts. 
 Upon opening the cover, I noticed that the parts are meticulously wrapped individually.    
The Funnels 
Shoulder (front view)  
 Shoulder (rear view) Notice how highly detailed are the thrusters. Metal colours are well separated. 
 A mini maintenance MS is a nice addition to the main display. 

The metal colours here are will executed. This is very good reference for those interested in scratch building mechanical components. 

 Internal mechanism for the shoulder. 

 Armors can be detached form the shoulder unit. Another feature of the Formania displays.
 Details on the funnel pod at the back pack.

 The head cover/ hatch can be lifted to reveal the psycoframe. 
 From chest armor can be detached as well. 
 The mechanisms here are simply amazing! 

 Front armour cover. 

 If anyone out there can replicate this type of details on a 1/100 scale, that would be an amazing feat no doubt! So, any takers?  

 Some obvious mold lines.

 I like the detailing on the head. 

 Some of the pistons are not movable at all. 

 Details at the neck area. 
 Bottom view

I have to bring out the Nu Gundam of course.

In my opinion this Formania justified its price tag. Although there are little blemishes, overall this is a great kit to have for your home display.  My only grouse is that there are no markings supplied. I am looking into the feasibility of  adding decals and top coat and will be asking around for opinions just to be safe. And a maintenance set up would really complement this one too.

Toymaker #02



Wow talk about a first review! Loved it! The details are absolutely stunning. Hope to see more such reviews in the future ^^. I think you'll are an excellent candidate to recreate this in 1/100 scale haha.

A must have display!!! need to have my wish list to Santa ready! :)

Thanks for a great review Kenny! :)

Your poisoning skills have moved up 2 notches :P! but I'm seriously impressed by this series of busts, compared to G sys unpainted resins, really a uber attractive and high quality product for off the rack buyers.

Wa bro got it so fast! Looks so damn good.... But so damn expensive.... I can't afford it...

Thanks for sharing. Amazing details, really nice. More than what I have expected. Not sure which is the next mecha on the line. Hope I can see my Fav Hi-Nu.

Thanks for the comments guys!

Whatever the next one is, I am definitely buying!

Hi there dear sir, I'd like to ask something regarding the formania you purchased.

Is the head looking to the right side a lil bit or is it position to the center?

Was curious about it since the one I have has the head facing the right side a lil plus 1 defective funnel..


I realized that the Formania series does have some QC problems. I heard of other issues too. To be frank,for something so highly detailed, I am quite skeptic that the quality can be maintained.

Hi sir, thanks for the feedback.

I see.. Uhh...guess I had a defective one.. >< Since the part to move the torso front and back also seems to be a lil loose.

May I ask what other issues are there besides these few probs?

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