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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A new family member, a new beginning

We wanted 10 October 2010. But I guess little Ashley couldn't wait to see the world. 

Saturday morning. After fixing my Gundam at 5 am, I went to sleep. An hour later, I noticed my wife sitting up on bed. I immediately knew that the first contraction had came. Having slept for less than an hour, I was dis-orientated but knew what I have to do. We quickly get dressed and have one good look at my son before heading out. 

Below my block, I was hoping that I could get a cab in the wee hours of the morning. The moment I stepped out of the road, this Mercedes cab appeared. Talk about a grand entrance! 

Anyway, we reached the Medical Center at 0630 hours and by the time all administrative stuff were through, it was 0733 hours. Now the long wait begins... 

For the next few hours, I drifted in and out of sleep and have the sore neck to show it. I read newspapers, paced around, went to the toilet umpteen times and have been observing my wife's face for any discomfort.    

1.52 pm and still waiting. Time seems to fly in the Birth Room. It have been more than 6 hours and I am wondering when the little one is coming out....  

2.45 pm. I woke up from the armchair again. Nothing happened. I headed to the loo again. 

I began to snap pictures of the equipments in the room out of boredom. I should have brought some Gundams to snap... 

Birth Room 9 and Dr C H Koh and me as assistant. 

My wife before giving birth. I rather not show the after photos so not to traumatize the ladies, lol. 

At about 1530 hours, the nurses finally prepared for delivery. And for the next half an hour was huff and puff and PUSH.... And at 1608 hours, she finally arrived! All purple, pink and bloody.  You should have hear her wail. I could feel the goose pimples om my body when she opened her eyes for the first time. It is a magical feeling. 

  A healthy weight of 3.025 kg

49 cm in length 

Everyone has been asking me whether I felt excited before all this and to be frank, I am not. But the moment the baby came and I see her for the first time, I was like "ooooooo...." So cute :) Maybe a delayed response.

Needless to say, I am happy. For the past few months, I seemed to have lost both  hope and direction. I don't know what's wrong with me this time but I just feel down. It almost came to the point that I find life meaningless, eat, sleep, work endless cycle. And my inability to let mum go affected me more than ever. Sometimes, things are easier said than  done. 

But now as I look at my little girl. I am beginning to understand my purpose. I think I have once again rediscovered the direction that has been obscured from me for such a long time. My son and daughter ARE the beacons of my life. My purpose seems very clear now. Whatever difficulties I encounter in my daily life and work, I will face them bravely now. It is about time I snap out of this stupor and be "focus" about life. 

As I stand beside Ashley, I quietly call out to mum. How I hope she was there to share my joy and to cradle Ashley in her arms. She deserves that much. 

"You have blessed me with your unconditional love, care and sacrifice and I will do exactly the same for my children, your grandchildren, Ashley and Reyes. I have not forgotten my promise to you and can't wait to see you again. But I kinda busy at the moment. :)" 


I also want to thank Dr C H Koh and the nurses at Thomson Medical Center for all the good work they have done. I wish them all the best in everything they do.


Congrats again bro! Lol at your thought of bringing gundams there to build...

Congrats Dude!! your little bundle of joy will make the light of your life brighter!

Congrats Kenny! :) for my little boy I have to wait for 36 hrs...:)


Thanks guys! 36 hours!? That's at least 10 snapped Master Grades!!!

hey congratulations.. now we know that you can also make something else than gundam.. ;p

Congratulations!! I'm happy for you and your family.

LOL I can make more than just baby and gundams! Lol...

Hey Dennis, thanks to you too.

Hey.Congrats man.;] what's better? Gundams and a Daughter. You lucky guy ;D

Congrats!!!! This really is the new beginning :)

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