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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog developments and a sad note...

For the past few weeks, I have been racking my brains on how to improve the quality of my blog. Compared to other Gunpla blogs, I am sorely lacking in giving timely updates and sharing techniques, tips. I know I could do more but I am wondering whether I have what it takes to do it. At one point, I went back to my first ever post, Why Toymaker?   

Good question though, why? To share or to show off? Well, definitely not the latter. Initially, I wanted to catalog my works and share with other aspiring modelers.  But after four years, I took a step back and viewed my "performance". Not bad considering that I am constantly distracted with other stuff. 

But I realize one thing. I have changed.Those goals I set for myself four years ago are no longer valid. Now I wanted more. I want to build a legacy for my children, my grandchildren perhaps. From this blog, they would know what I have gone through, ups and downs of life and everything else. That should be the way. 

On the other hand, I feel that I want to raise the profile of our Gunpla modelers here. Malaysia has many good modelers and three of them set up ebasenet a few years ago. I like that concept very much. Similarly, I am going to implement something similar on my blog. I already have Master Builder, Leon Ku on board and I needed another fella. And it is obvious that Benjamin Wong is the man. After all, he is the first person to win in two BAKUC finals. 

I will start by posting their works when they have new ones and see how things goes from here. I am taking this step by step and hopefully, I can make this blog interesting and informative. I am getting excited but have no idea why. Especially I don't even know what to do next. Well I just go with the flow :) 

Now something totally unrelated to the above, I just need to write something about it. I have a ex-school mate who suffered a brain hemorrhage last week and has been in a coma till now. The prognosis is very bleak but I am praying for a miracle. I am feeling very demoralized as her daughter is just a year old and there is so much things she needs to fulfill as a mother. 

For once, I pray that a miracle will happen .... 


My regards to your friend, mate. Just goes to show you how fragile life is. Good luck with Leon and Benjamin dude. :D

Me too, regards to your friend.

No worries Kenny, you have inspired so much with your blog ( I am your no. 1 fan ever since 2008 )... I met Benjamin back in HK, cool very silent guy. But will the title change to Toymakers? Anyways, goodluck bro! If you need some help with some technical blogging stuffs, I could help. :)

Hi mena, thanks man.

Hey DC23, the blog title remains as Toymakerinc. I am merely a facilitator and not setting the blog for the three of us. ;)

I think you are heading at the right direction for your blog. You are doing a new thing and go ahead and try something.

I am standing with you in hoping for a miracle for your friend.

A website to showcase the works of local gunpla modelers is a great idea.

I feel that a website will be a great platform to promote the hobby to any aspiring modelers and inspire current modelers as well. Paired with a facebook 'like' button and tweet button, it will improve the exposure even more, An in-progress log of their works would also be a great way to share and learn with others as well.

This is great, I check your blog regularly to see updates on your work. Now I can see more, from all three.. Awesome.. :)

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