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Friday, March 4, 2011

SD Sinanju - Review

I have just finished snapping the SD Sinanju and thought that a quick review would be nice. To be released in March, I think this will be a hot item and rightly so. With five runners, it look more like a HG release than SD.  Although there are more parts, assembly is rather straightforward.  

The emblems are all stock stickers and finished with a coat of pearl gloss. 

Overall, this is definitely a must have for all Unicorn fans. And it's probably my most favorite SD todate. I plan to get a few boxes once it is released. SD FWS, Bahamut, Nihhog and Tiamat! That would be nice! Air shipment has just arrived at Hobby Art Gallery and they have started selling it. Go get it if you are keen. This SD is what I termed as "hot cakes"... 


bro u keep spreading red poison leh.....ahhhhhhh, so nice and cute ha

That was cute... what paint do you use in the gold part bt ???

Rinaldi - This one is completely unpainted. And stickers were used.


Have any other plans for it?

Where is the FWS version? HAHA!!

This is such a cool SD kit. It will be the first one I get.


Yes Matt! I am planning a FWS version. But I have trouble getting boozokas of the right sizes! Darn...

You forgot to mention the moveable eye.

ur sticker emblems are put-on with such accuracy. Kudos man.. ^^

Thanks man! Just apply the stickers as usual and I used a toothpick to press all the details down.

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