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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Mother's Fury

When I first heard of an earthquake hitting Japan last Friday, I thought nothing of it. "That is to be expected" was my usual response. But when I watch the news and saw the tsunami being unleashed on unsuspecting folks, I was literally heart-broken. I never expect to see that much devastation. The news coverages were very disheartening. The way the waves swept the towns was terrifying. These look like scenes out of an apocalyptic film and how I wish it was. Everything seems so unreal.

I really feel for the victims and their families. And with no apparent reason, I fear for my own family. It was not  rational at all but that was how I felt. I mean anything can happen. Who knows when the Earth will go crazy again.

I hope our Japanese friends will recover soon and be strong for their loved ones. How I wish this was a dream...


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