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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

G-Shot 2011

Gundam Guy / GG Infinite will be hosting G-Shot Gunpla Photo Contest which started in November 2011. Basically, this is a worldwide online Gunpla contest where participants submit photos of their completed model kits. There are five categories to compete in:-

1.  Best Gunpla Photo - A gunpla image that would 'WOW' the judges.  It doesn't matter whether the photo is from a diorama, customized kit or a straight build.
2. Best Diorama - An image of a diorama that tells a story, with details that show the modeler's skills.
3. Best Customized Gunpla - An image of a suped-up gunpla.  Your image needs to show us the mastery of your modelling skills, by rightfully implementing aftermarket/option parts, custom decals, pla-platings, panel lines, etc.  Basically we are looking for 'The Works' that looks the best.   
4. Best Paint Job - Obviously we are looking for more than just the stock color.  Creativity & painting skills are what count here.
5.Best Straight Built Photo - If you are a novice at building gunpla, we encourage you to send in a photo that shows the power of your straight build.  *Application of Panel lines are allowed using gundam marker.  Paint product such as top coat and other paint products are not allowed *

There are fantastic prizes allocated for each category and I suggest you have a look. For more information of the contest, please read here.

And thanks to G.G's kind invitation, I will also be involved in the judging process. So for those of you who are keen, do join in the fun and win prizes! 


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