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Thursday, December 8, 2011

LBX Lucifer - First Look

I just got this in the evening and thought that I could do a little review on it. This is my second LBX model after LBX Odin. Construction is relatively simple. I have it snapped within 20 mins and I did not even use my pliers. 

The runners are molded in several colours and the construction manual is printed in colour as well. So finding  a part on the runners is a breeze. 

The model itself has good articulation. However, the ball joints tend to "pop" out of their sockets if you meddle with them too much. But since you can have cool poses with it, that part can be overlooked. 

Seam lines are found on the main body, shoulders, forearms and calves. Si there is some work to be done.

In terms of painting, some masking is needed but it will not be a major issue though.

Stock stickers

I came across a custom colour Lucifer in the January issue of Hobby  Japan and will use it as a reference for this commission. 

Size comparison. Slightly short than a average 1/144 kit. 

Overall, I highly recommend this kit if you are considering to buy your first one. In my opinion, this is the coolest one todate for LBX range. 


Thinking about buying this but without an air brush its hard to get the gold painted or the white parts

Can't wait to see what you are going to do with it

I agree with you that this look really cool.

Where can yo buy this model in Singapore?

uuuguuu... I iz jelly atz you rights now....

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