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Monday, December 19, 2011

Gundam Age -1 Normal 1/48 (First Look)

1/48. All I can say is it is HUGE! It's like a blown up 1/144 scale Gundam. With no internal skeleton, I finished snapping this under an hour. Construction is so simple, I had my son to build a few parts for me. The major seam lines are at the calves, forearms and the head. The rest can be easily tackled. Although this is like a Non-Grade kit, the details on it are surprisingly good. As for articulation, don't expect much. Oh, and this comes with a LED light unit (like the ones you find on the MG OO) so the chest and eyes can light up.  

I came across two painted ones and I like both colour schemes.

Size comparison with a HG Gundam Age. 

I am thinking of a orange, white and grey colour scheme. Will work on it and complete this in the next few days. Wish me luck :) 


I do have this tingling feeling that you're gonna mod this kit.

no exoskeleton.. just snap-ons..?
so it can move but can't do awesome posses?

no exoskeleton..? just snap-ons?
so it can move but can't do awesome posses?

@Syful - Just minor ones. Need to squeeze some time for my other projects.

@A.J13 - No internal frame. Build is like your typical Non-grades. Therefore, pose is limited.

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