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Friday, December 14, 2012

First Look - Nu Gundam Ver. Ka

This one is probably on everyone's "want" list. And rightfully so. The previous Master Grade version suffered from poor proportion and limited articulation. So this new addition is very much welcomed. Especially when it is produced by the great mecha designer, Hajime Katoki himself. 

I immediately started assembling it once I reached home. Was pretty excited about it. I always love the box art from the Version Ka series. Stylish and have that "exclusive" feel, don't you think? LOL.. 

Comparison with the old Master Grade Nu Gundam

There are about 20 runners. It's not really a lot but some of the parts are quite complex in terms of assembly. 

This is God send to me. Manipulators that come as a whole. Just like the ones you find on the Perfect Grade Strike Gundam. Why can't Bandai do it for all Master Grades? Hmmm.... 

Stand for the Nu Gundam

You have the option to do a Normal or Double Fin Funnel systems. But there are not many funnels to go around in one box. 

Notice that each weapon grip has a little flap which you can flip outwards and connect to the palm. Definitely an improvement to me. 

I'm very impressed by the new proportions. Maybe the old one was so lame I could not take it. 

Nu Gundam (Normal Mode) 

Ok, there is probably one thing I don't like about the new kit are the funnels. The connection points between funnels were practically non-existence. They keep falling apart no matter how hard I try to clip them together. I went through the manual several times to make sure I got the steps right. But I still can't remedy this problem. It is very frustrating when the funnels keep dropping at the slightest movement. Phew... 

I had to use blutac as a temporary measure. WTH..

Nu Gundam (Destroy Mode?) 

Well, I find this mode a bit underwhelming. Transformations were only restricted to the chest, waist, shoulders, forearms and legs. And even that, the panels weren't that obvious. Perhaps, Bandai took the cue from Unicorn and keep these transformations to a minimum. At least this Nu Gundam is more sturdy and does not dropped ornaments like a Christmas tree when shook. But I was expecting more...

The base gimmick is nice but the joints are so rigid my fingers were all sore after the photo shoot  In fact, I lost interest half way. Too much hassle to get those funnels to line up. 

Overall: Still a good buy for Gunpla fans. Good articulations and great proportions are definitely its selling points.

OK, now even Nu Gundam gets a upgrade. When can we see a Sazabi Version Ka? And Bandai, please throw in that Psycho/ transoformation function as well.. 


mm.. A MG Sazabi Ver.ka.. if that happen.. that will be one of the greatest gift from Bandai to us.. lol

problem with funnel, are you sure? damn, im a bit worried now

LOL... Maybe I got the defective one heee..

I think this nu ver.ka really have problem with the funnel, try watch this link (nu gundam at NY comic con); ,
at 5:58 the masking tape was clearly visible on the funnel.. i think they use adhesive tape to stick all the funnels..
a bit disappointing, but still a fantastic kit

Yeah, to me. It's a huge disappointment. Considering everything was so nicely done and they have to screw up the funnels..

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