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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MG Duel Gundam -First Look

These days, there is hardly anything bad to  say about the newer Master Grades. Quality has improved a lot. Take for example the MG Duel Gundam, I did a quick assembly of the kit without any treatment just to have a feel of it. 

  • The redesign is great. 
  • Assault Shroud armors integrated nicely. 
  • Main articulation joints are pretty taut and secured. 
  • Zero seam lines to treat.
  • Great proportion (doesn't look as dumb and clumsy as before) 
Ok, maybe there is one problem that surfaced when I started posing it. The front armor skirting attachment tend to "pop" out easily. The same goes to the leg armors if you exert strength at the sides. 

But overall, this is a great kit. You should get this if you are a Seed fan. Waited ten years just for it to be MG-ized. But it is well worth the wait. 


You gotta love the scene for the duel---ejects e assault shroud n destroys e forbidden SURPRISE haha.

I am trying to recall that scene... LOL ...

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