Sunday, February 24, 2013

MG Sinanju Stein - First Look

After 2 Sinanjus and one commission in line, you can see why I wasn't really enthusiastic about Stein. Firstly, what's with "Stein"? Looked up wikipedia and the best I can made sense of is it means "stone" or "rock". Sinanju Rock, Sinanju Stone!? Flintstone? Oh well, never mind... 

So when it arrived at Hobby Art Gallery, I did not grab it immediately. For the first time, I actually held back. I had to RECONSIDER this purchase. Well, less than 24 hours later,  I was back and got myself 2 Steins instead of 1.  Picked up my Shield Liger Ramar Special as well :)

Why two? Well, I thought Sinanju Stein FWS will be a good companion for my Sinanju FWS


Box Art 

Comparison between the 2 Sinanju packaging 

Construction manual

The unused parts from the original Sinanju

Will this be a standard issue for future Master Grades? Don't think so... 

Spare hip internal structure 

Feet are not as streamline as the Red Comet's 

Unfortunately, feedback fell on deaf ears again. That troublesome peg is still there. So guys,take great care when posing it. If not, HAG offers repair services for broken/ twisted pegs. LOL... 

Yes, water decals but no dry transfers this time. 

The bozooka should be able to connect to The red Sinanju's beam rifle. 

Well, my daughter likes it... 

Final comments.

- Posiblilty is somewhat limited. 
- Wrist joints too weak to hold beam rifle. 
- Still don't like the head. Looks "naked" to me. 
- Ball joints pops out easily. 

My view is this is a rather plain model. This actually works in my favor. Can't do much if Bandai detail up this one. Pity I can't work on this one now cause I have some splendid ideas in mind. Well back to my PG Strike...     


Hmm,do you think the mg nu ver ka or the sinanju stein is more worth the price?I cant seem to get a choice over the two.

Well, the Nu Gundam seems to be of a better value for money. Both kits cost 7000 yen btw..

wah cant wait for ur stein fws lol... btw can the shield mount the bazooka like the normal version? so all MGs come with water slide decals now? :)

Nope, the bazooka cannot be mounted on the shield. But that can be arranged... :)

Nope, the bazooka cannot be mounted on the shield. But that can be arranged... :)

Hmm...I think Nu Gundam ver Ka does seem to be a more value-for-money kit. Nu Gundam comes with an action base, chest can accommodate a LED for optional eyes lightup and doesn't have left-over unused parts.

Would puttying up the hollow areas of waist joint peg improve the strength and prevent it from twisting/breaking off?

I actually tried puttying the hollows in the pegs and then sand them down. It should be able to prevent breakage but do make sure you don't sand excessively, or else the the waist joint will become loose.

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