Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zoids Group Build 2013

Something for the lads here. I noticed there is a spike in the interest for Zoids recently and after seeing all the hoots at local forums and even my FB, I think it's about time to start working on your backlog (that applies to me and Waylander as well). 

So, we're going to have a Zoids Group Build. Rules you say? Simple, Just Zoids, Zoids, Zoids and more Zoids, you can throw in extra elements like other mechas whatever, sky's the limit as long as the main kit is Zoids. Any Zoids kit is welcomed. Deadline is 4 May 2013 and I have sought the permission of  the bosses at Hobby Art @ Work to use their place for the meet. So come 4 May, bring your completed kit to share and learn! Who knows? I may throw in some prizes as well! ;) 

If you are keen and can make yourself available on  4 MAy 2013, indicate your interest here: 

See you guys soon! 


Sounds cool Toymaker! I'm not in Singapore but if I get a zoid done by then maybe I'll just share on the FB page?

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