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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Alpha Seraphim - Thailand GBWC 2014 entry by Anupong Channarong [nuNUnu]

Well, what can I say about this fellow? His builds never ceased to amaze me. And that includes his latest creation, the 1/144 scale Alpha Seraphim. It came in Third in the open category at Thailand GBWC. Although this is 1/144 scale, it is probably the height of the Psycho Gundam but with even more bulk. 

A lot of kitbashed parts and additions to this massive kit. And you know what's the best part? It is fully transformable! To add and alter so much and still make it transformable is really a remarkable achievement. Hat's off to him. 

Well, let's take a close look at this wonderful work. 

I love the different grey tones all over the mech. And white colour with orange highlights at strategic areas to give it more depth. I saw at least three Seraphim on the main body as well. 

From the WIP pictures, I can see parts from:- 

1. Saravee Gundam 
2. FAZZ (Sentinel version)
3. PG GP01 
4.  GN-Arms 
5. Exia Avalanche 
6. Arios Gundam missile pods 
7. I'm pretty sure i miss out a few more :) 

How he combined everything together and made it look so seamless is really beyond me. And then still make it transformable! Speechless...



Well, now you guys know how useful are 00 series mechs. The kits show below are in my collection because I know they are great kitbashing materials. Looks like nuNUnu will have to agree with me on this count. 

nuNUnu did this last year and it happens to be one of my favourite entries as well. 



I guess that's about it. I am expecting more from nuNUnu for next year's GBWC.  I'm pretty sure he has something in store for me again. Till next year! 


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