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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Human Size - Thailand GBWC 2014 entry by Gunpla Yatoorman

Thailand GBWC 2014 may have ended, but I am still very much in awe of some of the outstanding entries I seen there (online). One such entry is "The Human Size" by Gunpla Yatoorman. An interesting entry, it stands out among the other Gundam themed entries there. And it actually inspired me to write this post. 

And that is where the problem lies. In a Gundam orientated competition, can an entry like this catch the attention of the Judges? Sad to say, given the superior modifications and interesting concept, it was probably "overlooked". And that to me, is a big shame. This entry deserves a better standing. Well, I can't do anything about it but I can certainly blog about this wonderful piece. 

Ok, enough of that. I am thankful that Yatoorman was able to share some of his wips with me and allow me to post them here. Well, here are the pictures! 

Photo credits -
- Gunpla Yatoorman 

This entry reminds me of a series of mecha designs from Neo Japan 2202 by Johnsonting. As a modeler, I feel that we should not live under the influence of Gundam for too long. We should start to explore other designs and eventually creating and making our own concepts. My view is that Gunpla is just a stepping stone. In order to progress further, we, or rather I, will eventually move out of Gunpla and seek out alternative inspirations/designs. 

Here are the work-in-progress pictures. It is not until I seen these did I realize how much work was involved to put this thing together. What I am amazed is the all the clever kitbash and when there are no suitable parts? Well, scratch build it :) 

The motorcycle was a delight really. At roughly 1:6 scale, it is big like your average Hot Toys figure. 

I did some research and realize that this fellow also made the customized "Z2 - The Heavy Package". I remembered seeing this on the internet last year and instantly liking it. Amazing stuff really. 

I guess that's about it. One of my favorite entries in Thailand GBWC 2014. And the entry that could have "awaken" something in me. I'm glad that this entry appeared... I'm seldom inspired. 


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