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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Malaysia GBWC 2014

Every year, I will make a trip to Malaysia just to see the entries at GBWC since we are so close. This year is no exception. The 4 hours drive there was surprisingly therapeutic. But definitely not the traffic in Kuala Lumpur lol. 

Here I am again. They obviously have a biggest space compared to ours. And maybe more contents. But the number of entries were staggering. I think there were more than 150 entries. And this is crazy. I will never see this many entries in Singapore. 

Taking photo is really a pain in the ass. While the kits at the top tier get the benefits of good lighting, the ones on the lower tier? Not so much. Lights were added to the base of the shelves and my photos turned out to be dark most of the time. It also makes viewing difficult. 

Well, enough said, let's enjoy the pictures! 



Visited Infinite Creation Workshop (ICW) . It's a Friday night and look at the crowd! It's bustling with activities. There were discussions, demos and people painting all at the same time. The Malaysian community are pretty much a close knitted kit. I will never see this in Singapore. But you know, I think I am in the position to do something about it. 

So that's it. Another fruitful trip. Catch up with old pals, gossip and made some new friends. I;m definitely coming back next year! 


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