Friday, January 18, 2013

Change of "teeth" for Rex

I finally got down to work on the Rex. My plans are to beef up its arsenal a bit. The first to go is probably the original Railgun. I replaced it with this blaster I bought from Japan last year, an add-on weapon for Armored Core mechas. Mixed and matched with a few Kotobukiya MSG parts to get what I wanted.

Rex with stock weapons

The barrel of the cannon can be folded into two parts and then unfolded to reveal a BFG! Nifty stuff! Should have bought more when I had the chance! 

Stay tuned. 


looks damn sick! cant wait for u to finish up with this rex!.. ;)
the bfg makes it all the more sexier than it already is

Thanks, it looks a bit oversized as compared with Rex. But I think it should be fine...

This is off topic but how to join a gundam competition this year?can explain further?

Just wait for the entry form to be released. I will announce one I have more information.

that is awesome, i dont know why but the "in my head memory" of the rex has a giant weapon exactly like this, of course it doesnt in the game but this hits my memory just right love

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