Sunday, January 13, 2013


"GET A LIFE" Yeah, you heard it. I'm beginning to ponder have I devoted too much time and energy for this hobby? And after 10 years, I am beginning to wonder, "what did I achieve?" Well, I wasn't really aiming for anything when I started out,  it's purely enjoyment and it keeps me sane in this crazy city life.

But for the first time after so long, I feel tired. Is it because of the late nights etc? Some jerks I met along the way? Or Gunpla is not that interesting anymore? I think it's a bit of everything. Is it possible for me to abandon this hobby and move on? Highly unlikely. The passion is still there evidently. I'm still working on my models after work. It's like a daily ritual to me. Skip a day, I probably fall sick the next. LOL...

So, what's going on? I believe it has come to a point I outgrew Gunpla. I need a new direction. Something other than Gunpla. This explains the spending spree on Zoids recently. The interest in Zoids is underwhelming  in Singapore and I feel that they deserves some attention.

There are still areas I need to improve. There's no doubt about it. And I can acquire new skills by crossing over to a new genre. But this will mean an change in the outlook in my stash at the "warehouse". And it's already taking place LOL..

And since we are at the topic of stashes, I might as well side track a bit. Just to answer some queries. Personally, the way I buy stuff is crazy! Senseless, illogical, irrational or maybe a disorder! But you know, I will still continue to do it, not going to stop LOL.. One simple rule I subscribe to, I buy if I can afford. And stop if I can't. It's that simple. Getting past your spouse will be a different issue though for most of you. But I am quite lucky that I have a super supportive wife. And yes, I have tons of un-built models and that will probably last a few generations.

Ok, coming back. Right, lost of direction...  I have been thrawing the internet for inspirations and chanced upon the blogs of these "digital artists". They conceptualize, draw and paint them digitally some of the best stuff I ever seen. The way they conjure these designs out of thin air is simply amazing. The design, technology, environments, atmosphere etc. Out of this world. That got me thinking whether I should take up some related courses on this. I admit I am not talented in drawing, but who knows?  Food for thought...

Just to share some of the interesting images I came across. There are many of these talented people out there. Take some time to look and you will definitely pick up an idea or two for your next project ;)

Images from Johnsblog.

Images from Barontieri .

Images from Eliott Lilly.

So you can see where I am heading. I'm contemplating taking up one of these digital design courses or something similar. With new skills, I can build something I draw and created. Not from Bandai, Kotobukiya or other manufacturers. Think out of the box! The thrill of creating something and making it sounds so right at the moment!

BUT. Here is my dilemma. I also plan to further my studies so I am better equipped for my day job. And maybe for better job prospects. That will mean I need to sacrifice one.

No brainer right? Family vs Hobby. Money vs Passion. There you have it... 


Well the dilemma your facing right now is quite common for a man with a growing family. What you have achieved in gunpla is more than most of us can dream of. I'm in my mid 30's and decided to do less gunpla to devote more time for my family. But my passion and love for gunpla is always there...- emonem

What he said. I'm turning 30 this year with my 1st baby on the way and I'm already feeling the pressure. I might have to take a break for a while considering the sleepless nights I'm about to have with the baby - but I know as long as I can look at my shelf and see my kits I will find the time to squeeze in some gunpla.

Hi Toymaker. I'm not quite your guy's age but being a student I still have to balance between hobby and school. Basically somethings are always first and other hobbies and whatnot are modified to work with those "first things". Anyway I hope that we will still be able to see stuff from you because I am always inspired by your work.

BTW. You have so many kits O.O you could open a hobby shop xD I would go shop there.



Guys. Yeah we are in the 30s and priorities changes. It is also the time when you start evaluating what you have achieve so far and what are the new goals to set. I believe our passion is still burning as bright as ever. Just need to relax a bit, do some other stuff and come right back!

Lollipop- I wish I can and capable of opening a model shop but I just want a space to display my models. That's all I want. And right now, HAG and HAW suffice my needs.

Hey dude - really interesting post. I've always loved drawing and do it along side modelling when I can, my blog tries to focus on both! It looks to me like the design work you put in to your modded models could translate really nicely into concept design. Anyway, you should check out Feng Zhu's Design School in Singapore, I think it's exactly what you're after if you want to learn how to draw and design -

Check out some of Feng's Design Cinema on youtube, very inspiring stuff.

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