Saturday, January 5, 2013

Metal Gear Rex 1/100 - First Look

So, what is Metal Gear Rex? Well, Rex is one of the many interesting machines in the game world of Metal Gear Solid (MGS). It's like a walking tank laden with all types of weapons. In other words, it is cool shit. I have been following the game for ages and still very much in love with the series. I even started collecting all the MGS figures from Play Arts. 

At the same time, I was also wondering why no toy manufacturer was making a MG Rex model kit. But when the news did came I was disappointed. The one announced by ThreeA Production was priced way beyond my reach. It may cost a bomb but this thing is sweet! And one huge bugger! It's like the size of your pet canine!

And out of the blue, Kotobukiya announced a more affordable version. At 1/100 scale, it may be smaller as compared to the ThreeA version, but I think that size is more feasible too  (ok, sour grapes). Oh well, I waited and realized that I might not get it since I did not pre-order this kit (wasn't expect it to fly off the shelves on release) and might not get it in first time. Luckily, a good friend sold it to me and I am able to get it real fast. Thank you, Lawrence! 

Now, let's see what we have here... 

I like the box. A LOT. The metallic silver and red packaging is definitely a winner. And it compliments Metal Gear Rex too.  

Contents. The box may look big but there are not many runners. In fact, there are only 17 of them. 

Instruction Manual 

In terms of engineering, that "B" company still has the edge. But Kotobukiya is not far behind. There are no ill-fitting parts here. But there are some loose components and they tend to drop during handling. But these are really minor issues. Details are pretty good and most of the seam lines are not really visible. 

A 15cm by 15cm base provided. I thought the chain bases from Koto looked better... (idea!)  

Eyes are painted but I rather redo it.

Head Unit 

Head Unit 


Rail Gun 

I expected the rail gun to be larger and more impressive. It's looking a bit underwhelming at the moment. 

Rear Unit 

Missile hatches at the rear unit 

Look at the details underneath the head unit! 

Assuming the squatting position

Assembly was relatively easy. It took me about three hours to finish and that is because I paused to take photos. No decals for this one though. 

The lower legs of the Rex can be extended for it to stand. Very versatile if you ask me. 

Someone should consider adding a row of teeth. 

This front two stabilizers are pretty loose and they dropped off many times. 

Tank mode? 

Size comparison

There you have it. Call it what you want. It's shaped like a tank, looks like a giant mechanical chicken. But I LOVE it. Paint it in its original theme, customized it as you imagined. The possible variations are limitless! I am expecting to see many variations when most people get their hands on it. Hell! one is not enough for me! 

Now, after Rex, will Koto gives us Ray? LOL.... Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!! 


Overall, this is a great model. And well worth the wait. And even more for Metal Gear Solid fans. I definitely  end up with more than one!

What are you waiting for!?


Wow pretty impressive model. It's probably gonna need a ton of work to look good out of the box though. Still, I might consider getting this.

Cool looking kit. Can't wait to see what you do with this guy!

i still hate rex coz kill my fave gray fox
Imo..kit bash from armored core kit or make it bulky with touching of heavy arms style will make this rex more .. "roar" ... (^_^)
hope bandai get this thing to perfect grade treatment or mega size will be better ... Hehehe..pray for that..
Thx for the review sir..

Oh yes! Rex should be bulk up and given some heavy weaponry as well! That can be done hehehe...

Awesome post. Awesome pics.
kudos on the size comparison.

Great review man, I was looking for one over the net, thanks. If only Koto went on a bigger size rather than 1/100.

I sure want to have one of those.Very nice post bro! Love every details you put into it.Tnx!

Who's the modeler that did Rex in the magazine?

Hi,can i ask you if this kit has more loosing pieces that falling off frequently? i've seen a video on youtube on this,but i would have your opinion about that,thanks a lot and compliment for all your works ;)

Syful, it's by this modeler called Toriwo Toriyama.

@ Anonymous - yes, there are some parts that tend to fall off quite frequently.

Hello, first of all thanks a lot for theses pictures, i've been wanting to see what it looks like inside the box and without painting, it still looks pretty cool to me :)

I still have one question, did you use any glue at some time to build up the MG Rex ?
Also, for me that have never build any toy at all, do you think i'll be able to build it by myself ?

Thanks a lot.


Firstly the Kotobukiya has made this rather simple unlike the rest of ots products so far. There is no need to use glue but there maybe be some loose parts and glue will probably help to keep them from falling off.

Lastly, I believe most will be able to build this straight out of the box. So it shouldn't be any issue.

Good, thank you very much for theses pictures and for your help so far :)

I'll buy it and try to build it myself, you gave me more confidence now :)

cya and keep up the good work :)

Hey i receibe one of these for my girld. And will be my first model hope i do it well, and thenks for your review couse the pictures are great!! icant wait to start it!!

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