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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BB Goutaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku (Updates)

Was suppose to finish this last night. But I did a bad job with the masking and damage some of the gold parts.  I am pretty distracted at the moment so this will be put on hold for the time being. Darn! That really spoil my mood...   @ 30/01/2011

Some updates. I have been PAINTING for like one month? Too much distractions of course. Somehow when it comes to painting SDs, I tend to lost motivation fast. I am probably used to big projects than a quick fix. But I'm digging in and will try to finish this before CNY. 

I tried a dark base for the white and a bluish tint will give it a sinister look. It looks "primed" at this stage but that will be rectified when I apply panel lines and hand paint some parts. 

Earlier posts 

Before Chinese New Year,  I actually wanted to do this kit since this is the year of the Tiger but could not find the time to do it. Well now I have some time on my hand, I might as well go for it.

This got to be my favourite SD for the Three Kingdoms Series. I do not know why but I think a mecha which can take an animal form is always a cool concept. And why do one after such a long time? I always dreaded SDs. My impression of them is lots of masking and puttying and those armors with gold trimmings, back breaking stuff. I will be better off doing Master Grade kits. But I guess this one is too tempting to pass. So here I am with my first attempt on the "unkown".

I got the lightning base from Bandai to spice things up. Nothing grabs more attention than a lighted up base!  

However, I felt that the articulation and proporation of this one can be improve or it will not do this kit any justice. Just when I was wondering how am I ever going to do that (I have very limited experience in these areas), I saw one of the recent releases, the Genbusou Ryofu. And I immediately have my answer. I believe this one have the best articulation and proportion for the entire series. 

After assembling the kit, I realise this conversion is a lot tougher than expected. But that makes it more challenging and fun too.

I retain both legs as well as the hip joints of the Ryofu.
Fitting the lower torso/ skirt armour of the Goutaitei Sonken to the hip joint.
I had to use the body of the Ryofu for theor shoulder joints and upper limbs.

So after half an hour of sawing and trimming, I managed to build the main body. The next part will be really tough, to fit the armours on it and I need to alter and lengthen them before fitting. More to come soon...


looks like an interesting build for this kit i would realy like to recomend mr. masking sol
i know hobby wave suplise it i dont know whare els to find it i havent realy looked. but what it is is a liquid and it is aplide like glue. after aplyes you cut away with a knife check it out and see if you think it will be better or not

Oh yeah, I have tried masking sol and several other methods. Just think that masking is a tedious process :) but I'm used to it already.

yall i figured that with all your grat work i love the sazabies and most of your work your caose gundam made me fall in love with it anyways cant w8 to see some progress

I thought you are just going to paint it bro...starting to look really interesting now. nice! :)

VERY good stuff!
I did a paintjob on a Kourinpaku too and i was thinking of using a Stikfas to try to lengthen the limbs and improve articulation but this method has got to be a very prime example of using the Ryofu.

nice!! :)

waiting to see the end result...

Thanks Ben, I have a tight deadline to meet so I had to cannibalized another kit to save some time. Or you can say I am just lazy to go through all the modifications lol.

FYI, I have primed all the parts but some of them need touching up. Will try to finish this one by this week if possible!

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