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Monday, January 31, 2011

A knife made of ceramic?

I have never heard of ceramic knives until recently. How strong is ceramic? Why is it even crafted into a knife? According to the Mohs hardness scale, a properly made ceramic knife will be rate about 8 with diamond as the hardest scoring a ten. Stainless steel gives you a rate of about 5. Now, that's something.  

Being one of the hardest material on earth does have its advantages. For one the ceramic knife is so hard it can literally slice and slice and slice for years without the need to resharpen. And they don'trust, pit or corrode which suits me just fine since I don't really upkeep my tools. However, I am aware that ceramic may be HARD but they are fragile as well. One drop and the blade will chip. Hence, it is better to keep them in proper places after use. 

You can't cut or chop with these knives but they are ideal for chamferring and deburring for plastic kits. 

 Sharpen the edge with the side of the knife. 
Slice the sprue mark with the knife. Slicing the plastic is relatively easy and fast. But always remember to slice away form the body and not towards oneself. 

For more information on this tool, please go to hobby mate page.


Looks interesting.... I may just pick this up, thanks for the recommendation bro!

Er.... I saw on the webpage the price is $999,999?

Maras - Thank you for your feedback, no worry the price not 99999 i have finalized the price today. Do visit my site for the pricing. Note the final product might be different from the photo shown. HM

999999? Oh that one for the super rare diamond cutter. LOL

lol, $999,999? sounds like the price of the ultimate weapon in a rpg.

I tried to have a look but keep getting the message that the server is busy. I managed to load the homepage but no luck on the product page.

I think I will check it out again tomorrow. Thanks for sharing :)

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