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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cutting plastic?

Ever since I started doing Gundams, I have been using Taimya side cutters. They are probably the best available in the market but you have to pay a premium for it. Hence when I was asked to test this pair from Hobbymate, I was quite skeptic about its performance. 

Imagine my surprise when I tried cutting a part of plastic. It slices through with minimum effort. In fact, I need more effort with the Tamiya cutters. The handles gives you a better grip. And after two months, there is no signs of oxidation or tarnish. So far after 5-8 MGs, it still remains sharp, I will continue to monitor though.   

At 28 bucks, I think it is a good buy and for those who do not wish to pay more than 40 bucks or more for the Tamiya cutter, your solution is right here.

 Hobbymate Side Cutters
 Tamiya Side Cutters 


Hi Kenny,

I had this burning question about Tamiya side cutters. There is modeler's side-cutter and a tamiya plastic side-cutter. Is there any difference between the two aside from the price difference?

Sorry to steal the question. Thought I can share since I've used all 3 of them.

In my humble opinion, since I've used 3 of them and still am, the modeler's side cutter is not sharp and is less pricy than the plastic side cutter mentioned above. I would rate the modeler's as more for bulk cutting as the blade is more robust while the plastic cutter is for precision cutting but be careful on cutting parts that are too thick as it's more fragile. The HM cutter is more of a in between of the two (also in terms of price) and I do agree with Kenny's view that the HM cutter is well worth the money. It has sharp tip and it cuts better than the modeler's, but not as precise as the plastic cutter yet as robust as the modeler's. But having said that, the quality of build on the handles of the tamiya are much better, in my opinion, compared to HM. My HM rubber handle came off after a few usage but no worries, just glue it back. The feeling of the handles of the tamiya's feel much better, the HM one is very rubbery and feels a little sticky.

No problem, my friend. In fact, I thank you for your valuable feedback. HM cutter is definitely more robust and I totally agree with you the Tamiya cutter is more precise.

Your HM rubber handle came off? That is something I will take note and highlight to HM if it is a common occurrence.

Once again, thanks for taking time to write this.

Cheers man.

Thank you for your feedback on the handle issue and do bring back the cutter to HAG for 1 to 1 exchange and please do show us how the the handle being came off after a few usage as this will definately helpful for me to improve my furture product.


Sure, thanks. I shall bring it down to HAG. But, that's a minor issue compared to the quality of the tool :).

Sure man bring it down. We will take a look. Maybe if you can call us before coming down. HAG is closed on Mondays FYI.

And Mr Anonymous, how may I address you? :)

Oops.... I'm so sick these few days that I kept forgetting to sign off. So sorry about that, Kenny.
I frequent HAG alot and I saw you there a couple of times :).
I must say I'm loving the HM cutter more than my Tamiyas most of the time :D. Another great recommendation from Sam.


Nice to know you Vincent. It always good to have the best of both worlds. But I finding that even with the Tamiya cutter, I still need to shave some excess off some times with a hobby knife.

If you ever bump into me again, let me know. We can chat :)

Totally agree with you on the shaving, Kenny. That's why I mentioned the HM cutter is staying in my hand most of the time now. I'm not an expert in mech making like yourself but just a tool freak and mech collector ;).
Will definitely have a chat if we meet again.


@Vincent & Kenny,

thanks for enlightenment on the difference between the respective cutters, I really appreciate the detailed breakdown and explanation. Together with Kenny's and your feedback & recommendation, I will grab the HM cutter as a replacement for my battered Bandai cutter on my next visit to HAG.

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