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Saturday, January 22, 2011

DC23 vs Toymaker

DC23 verses Toymaker, a proposal that was thrown to me by who else but Mr Donc himself. A talented modeler from the Philippines, he has won several awards most notably, the overall champion for BAKUC in 2008. You can viewed his winning entry here  He is also the creator of Dc23 Mecharts, a popular blog dedicated to his hobby.

Well, by mere coincidence, the both of us had the intention to work on the same kit (details coming). So he suggested we have a build-off. I had to agree to it. Since both of is are so different in terms of concepts and styles, it would be interesting to see his take on that kit, as compared to mine.

Watch this space...


Wow, epic.
Can't wait to see what you both will churn out hehe....

Thanks a ton for accepting the offer Kenny! deeply appreciate it man... this made me as inspired again to work on a big project.

Thanks! :)

Like I told Don, this will be an EPIC one to watch out for...

It will be interesting, love to see the end result. Two Os of very different styles. I/m looking forward to it too.

Darn everyone is eating popcorn! LOLOLOL

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