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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's a new year and I am hope that this year will be as exciting as 2010. The local gunpla scene is warming up nicely. I see more people moving on to painting their kits which is very encouraging. Bandai seems to intensify their marketing strategy here and to me, it is a good thing. I am already looking forward to this year's Gundam Fiesta.

What is my resolution for this year? Simple, build more Gundams. 5 Kits in 2009, a miserable 3 in 2010. That is one statistic I want to improve.

Looking at my report card for this year, I must say I have been lucky. I was pretty happy after winning the mid year competition,  but coming up top in the Group Category in BMKWC Finals @ Hong Kong was the icing on the cake. This win motivates me to improve myself further in terms of techniques and concepts.

Anyway, I wish everyone here a Happy New Year. May all your wishes (and mine) come true!!!! 


Congrats to being 1st in Group cat. at Hong Kong!


Grats and Happy New Year!

Your group's Trinity is Awesome!

Happy New Year. And congratulations on your group's win in the GroupBuild Competition in HongKong!

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