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Monday, January 17, 2011

Battle Ops Bumblebee - Review

I am not really a huge fan of Transformers and I do not owe one myself. But I grabbed this the moment I saw it, despite the hefty price tag. And while fiddling with it, I thought I could take some pictures and share with you guys. 

My first impression of this kit is its size and weight. Slightly taller than the Sinanju, it weighs like a Perfect Grade gundam. I am amazed at the attention paid to details. It does't look that toyish anymore and almost like a replicate from the movie.  

In Camard Concept mode, it look pretty realistic. The previous releases were plastic yellow but this one is dull gold with a glossy finish. I am still amazed that it can transform from a robot and into a car nicely. I did a quick comparison with the earlier version and one major difference is that some of the car parts were reduced in terms of bulk so that the final product look even meaner.   

After a few transformations, a few scratches start to appear and yes, my heart hurts. But I guess that cannot be totally avoided. This one is rated 4 out of 5 hence kids might have trouble transforming it. Or maybe I am the slow one.... 

Faded paint job 

I find the metallic of the wheel covers unrealistic.  

 With flip out cannons 
 I really like the mechanisms on the joints of this kits. Very fine details but could be better with more colours (that can be arranged). 
 Robot Mode 

 Flip down mask!!! 

 Blaster Cannon / Arm 

This kit also comes with several phrases and sounds in robot and vehicle modes. So overall, I think this is a great buy for me and a must buy for Transformers fans I assumed. I like it very much ^.^ 

I have recorded a short clip of some of the sounds for you to see. My apologies in advance for the crappy video. I realized there is a lot of this on Youtube!  


honestly when i saw it at first sight, I thought u build it from scratch build lol...
aru you going to paint the cannons?

i'm curious also about the hefty price... how much?

Hi there!

Was checking out your blog and stumbled upon this version of Bumblebee. I find that it looks really good.

May i know where did you get it from?

It's available at most of the departmental stores some time back. But I think it will be pretty hard to find. Your only hope is to try China Square which is near Chinatown on Sundays.

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