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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A recap and some thoughts

It's already a week into the 2011. Everybody has already set their new year resolutions. As for me, I do not have that practice. But I thought it may be better to write about my thoughts for 2010. This blog serves as a diary to me after all. 

The highlight of this year is of course the arrival of my daughter, Ashley. I am never complete without my family. It has been a difficult three years for me ever since my mum left me and it still is. But this wonderful addition brought some colours back into my life. Parenthood is never a bed of roses but to me, this is where boys become men (for me at least). You will never understand YOUR parents until you become one yourself. My son has started his primary school education and I just realized that it is easier to convert crocodiles to vegetarians than to make him do homework. Alas! The many challenges of being a parent. 

As most of you should know by now, I have a day job. And to juggle between family, career, hobby and blogging is no easy task. I am blessed with a very understanding wife who not only approved my hobby (my hoarding),  but share my passion as well. It can't get better than this. Without her, I will not be able to continue churning out works year after year without distractions. And she doubles as my QC inspector for my finished works. Career-wise, I am still doing ok although I think I need to work harder, maybe as hard as I do my Gundams lol. Ultimately, it is not about how good your Gundams are but whether you are able to put food on the table everyday. I do admire and envy those who are able to turn their passion into careers. It will be a dream come through for me. 

Now my report card in terms of this hobby. I thought I did pretty well last year. I can't believe my luck in winning the mid-year competition and then repeat the feat in Hong Kong for the Group Category. Of course, my superb team mates played a major part. And not to mention the full support we received from HAG for the project. These are FRIENDS you cannot do without. I'm just glad that I have the right people with me.  And after countless competitions and awards, I ask myself should I be taking my foot off the pedal? But where is the fun in that?  I love the challenge that a competition offers me. But rather than trying to aim for honors every time, maintaining or improving my standard is my priority now.  So I don't see myself stepping down any time soon. I always tell myself my latest work must be better than the last one. It is a tall order but at least I have a target to strive for. After all, you are your worst enemy. 

And nothing is more satisfyingly when someone comes up to you and tell you that your works serves as a inspiration to them. If my works can inspire them to be better modelers and at the same time, promote this hobby,  I think I will be a very happy man. If someone comes up to me "hey, I will beat your Evolved Qubeley", I will welcome that and invite that person to show me his Qubeley after completion. It's a win-win situation, don't you think? LOL.....

And I bet some of you are wondering why the lack of Work-In-Progress pictures in here. I apologize for that. But I do not have the habit of taking shots during construction stage. I find it a hassle. But now I think I need to change that. I owe you guys that much:) When Mr Ferry asked me how I combined the backpacks of the Sinanju, I had difficulty explaining without pictures. And thanks to the picture offered by Mr Mabheq (you are a lifesaver) and Ferry's patience, I was able to offer some decent explanation and  hopefully, did not disappoint anyone. I am beginning to realize the importance of W-I-P shots and all the talk about sharing will come to nothing if i do not show how I made those parts. This is one area I must look into this year. 

And I already have work cut out for me (very packed schedule) this year namely:- 

Group build organised by ebasenet
Formania Sazabi with base
MG The O (I hope I can do this one) 
1/100 massive Sazabi!!! 
And last but not least, PG Strike Freedom! 

For those of you who asked me questions and I have missed out, I apologize in advance. You might want to send "reminders" to me. I have repeatedly answer the same questions posed by the readers here and frankly, I DO NOT mind answering them again. But I do appreciate if you guys can do a bit of research on the relevant subject before posing your questions. That way, you will understand my explanation better. And I encourage you guys to share with me your latest works in my  facebook. I always tell others if you want to learn Gunpla, learn to take criticisms first. Because the day you learn to accept criticisms will be the day you start to become a real modeler. 

And finally, I need to thank my wife, Mr Leon (To put it simply, no him,no Toymaker), Joyce, Sam, Erik, Benjamin and the whole HAG gang especially. We been through ups and downs. The group build, the disagreements, the fights and sometimes, we have to put up with the yapping and nonsense of some JOKERS. But hey!! We survived!!! And this year will be better!!!!!!!!!!!      



will always stay tuned for your next work kenny.. its always amazaed me.. btw : your daughter look so kawaii..

Super cute lo your princess...Huat Ahhhh!!

Probably I'm just scanning thru the words.. But...

What is THAT sazabi?? A resin Kit??

Hi Syful,

It's a full resin Sazabi from G-System.

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